IoT - Internet of Things

We've a great deal of experience dealing with the connectivity of embedded systems, especially within the rapidly growing IoT sector. We've years of development experience with the ESP8266 SoC from Espressif, which has led to the in-house creation of reliable firmware that allows BluishSmoke to quickly deliver WiFi-based solutions.

M2M - Machine To Machine

From installing 60" touch-screen computers into vending machines over a decade ago, to utilising the latest low-power WiFi SoC platforms available, BluishSmoke has been making embedded systems talk.


BluishSmoke has direct experience of the following technologies; Microchip PIC's (8 / 16 & 32 bit). Both functional and object-orientated programming languages with a specialism in embedded C and C++. Communication protocols, from RS-232, I2C, USB and WiFi using the Espressif family of microcontrollers. Software development, both Microsoft Windows Graphical User Interface projects in C#, and platform independant command line applications in both C and C++. Web technologies, with a focus on PHP/SQL for sever-side scripting and pure HTML/CSS for front-end development, to provide light-weight sites with blisteringly fast load times.