What is Bluish Smoke?

Bluish Smoke is the vapour that makes microchips, circuit boards and anything else electronic work, as any engineer will tell you; When the smoke escapes, things tend to stop functioning. The goal of all electronics development is to keep the smoke in.

Who's behind Bluish Smoke?

Essentially Bluish Smoke is just one person, that's me; Josh. I studied Electronic Engineering at The University of Reading while also working in a self-employed capacity on a multitude of projects. These ranged across all sizes some taking only days, right up to year‐long jobs integrating custom hardware to enterprise level management software.

What do you do?

Our background is mostly based in circuit board design and the development of embedded systems. These were typically very low-level hardware designs, as such often entirely coded in assembler on the PIC series of microcontrollers, something I retain good experience with.

We also have experience in writing code in most C-type languages, from MPLAB XC Compilers to Microsoft's C#.

What have you done recently?

That question has a strange answer; You see, for the last 10 years, I've been a bartender... Honestly, no joke. While at University I'd become interested in the history of mixed drinks and spirits (as do many people, so I understand) and hence decided to work in bars for a while to meet people, and try some awesome booze too.

That '...a while...' took a decade, and though I would change none of what I've done (I've met my partner and been to some quite wicked parties, seriously wicked) electronics development is still a major passion & something I'd like to pursue — these days I just also happen to mix a mean Manhattan too.