Circuit Design

BluishSmoke offers a complete design and development solution to inventors, small businesses and start-ups, or anyone else who needs a circuit board. We provide our customers with high quality circuit and board design services for projects of varying complexity – from complex embedded M2M electronics to simple circuits.

Technical Support

For an agreed annual budget, on-going technical support can be provided alongside any developed product. This could include future circuit revisions, board re-development or provision of firmware updates for embedded solutions either during a defined product life-cycle, or on a rolling basis.

Design Process

Starting with either a technical brief, or reverse engineering a partially developed product (should another firm have let you down) BluishSmoke can quickly produce a functional circuit design. Using the latest development platforms enables a rapid rate of progress at this stage; The specialism of BluishSmoke is then reducing the circuit and board design to the fundamental minimum required, allowing the most cost-effective hardware implementation to be used.

From this point forward; Full-circuit designs, including or not including board layouts, can be handed back to the client in industry standard formats. This would typically include, circuit design, board layout design, and component costings for differing production volumes not including labour.

Otherwise, for limited production volume's (<100 units) BluishSmoke can provide finished, populated and tested boards to the client direct within a 2 week lead time (assuming component availability).